SHAME! - Premier League Preview time

SHAME! - Premier League Preview time

Football : Our heads hung low in shame, we try again to pick a result.

Last week was pretty bad. It started well with the inevitable Nil-Nil between Liverpool and Man U. Don't expect too many fireworks when Utd play anyone half decent away from home this season.

After that we picked a few but got so many wrong. The shame is unbearable. Even Cersei Lannister has a bigger fan base than us right now. Sadly for Craig Shakespeare Winter truly has come, as he is the second Premier League Manager of the season to get the elbow. Who will win the Game of Thrones at the King Power? (yup that was pretty good)

With a deep breath and about as much chance as Hodor holding that door up, here we go again.... 

Friday 20th October

West Ham Vs Brighton : Friday Night Lights at the 'London Stadium'. Not 100% sure who will fancy this more. One thing is for sure there will be a whole load of juiced up punters piling out of Stratford Underground at 19.45 tonight after a solid couple of hours in the pubs after work. DRAW the result

friday night lights.jpg

Saturday 21st October

Chelsea Vs Watford : Well... could Watford do it again? The bookies don't think so and are offering 9/1 for a Hornets win and 17/4 the draw. Conte will not have been happy with the loss to Palace so expect a response. A HOME WIN, but not straightforward.

Huddersfield Vs Man U : Man U will probably win but not without a good deal of bus manoeuvring. Huddersfield try and play which is refreshing but it does leave them vulnerable, which is what Mourinho will love. AWAY WIN

Man City Vs Burnley : HOME WIN

Newcastle Vs Palace : Woy and Palace are on the board! A massive result for them and frankly no one saw it coming. Newcastle at home are decent, and we're going for an entertaining DRAW.

roy hodsgon again.jpg

Stoke Vs Bournemouth : The Cherries didn't really try and beat Spurs until the last 5 minutes, and Stoke should have a similar problem in terms of breaking them down. Who scores in this game? Don't expect a classic... (which means it will be 3-4). HOME WIN

Swansea Vs Leicester : The Swan mightjust get a backlash from the Fox here. The 2015-16 Premier League Champions have somehow gone through 2 managers and are now pretty bad. How on earth does it happen? Last time they binned off a manager it sparked a revival. AWAY WIN

Southampton Vs West Brom : Hard to get enthused about this match and BT must be pretty pissed off they landed it. We'll let the worst commentary team in sports broadcasting elaborate but we are going for an AWAY WIN.

Sunday 22nd October

Everton Vs Arsenal : Arsenal were doing quietly OK until their mishap against Watford. 606 phone in was hilarious... Everton are really in the doldrums and Koeman needs this result to kick start the season before it is too late. Looks like a DRAW.

Tottenham Vs Liverpool : At White Hart Lane we'd be all over a home win with Liverpool's defence. However Wembley will be big for them and we expect them to go up a gear. DRAW looks favourite.

Yes we know it is a lot of draws.... hence why this is getting us 7000/1. 

Can you afford not to? 

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