New Fitness Channel - Lee Pimble Fitness Quickfire Q & A

New Fitness Channel - Lee Pimble Fitness Quickfire Q & A

Fitness: Lee Pimble Fitness joins The Sporting Blog for a quick chat

Lee Pimble started his fitness journey 3 years ago, and as someone that is on the go all the time, is looking to help others by sharing the knowledge he has gained in that period His channel will focus on the travel and fitness lifestyle, and how to manage your body whilst managing your life.

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The Sporting Blog : What question do you get asked most by friends and colleagues when it comes to fitness?

Lee Pimble : I’m always asked mostly, what do I take with me on flights in regards to my nutrition and how do I source my food when I’m away. This is why my first few videos on Instagram and YouTube were targeted towards these areas.
Second most popular question I am asked is how do I train and when. Especially if I am away. These will be future videos to come.

TSB : What period of time is a sensible one for a first fitness goal?

LP : I found with myself most changes were in the first few months of hitting it hard and this slows over time. But more importantly I’ve learned that fitness is a life journey we all travel differently with no final destination as such. You will always move the goal post and targets as you progress and then try new things to achieve different aspects.

I suppose to answer the question more specifically it can depend on what you are trying to achieve mixed with how much priority of time and effort you are willing to put into it. But set yourself a long term goals (like years) and then break that down into short term goals with a matter of months.

TSB : What have you had to give up in order to get to your current shape/level of fitness?

LP : If I’m honest I’ve given up parts of my career making sure I was able to train hard and push myself and focus solely on fitness. I’ve given up meeting potential partners and friends at times worried more about being in the gym or eating my meals. I’ve also used a large proportion of my salary for this aspect of my life as well sacrificing many luxuries and holidays at times. But eventually I made sure when I saw this happening I re assessed and realised my goals weren’t worth it without the balance and I was not aiming to compete professionally anyway. It’s all about balance for me. Otherwise it can become addictive and consume you.

It’s definitely not always a rosy path in fitness and can cause psychological stress as well as physical ailments at times. Again depending on your personal goal it takes time, money, organisation and discipline. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

My goal is not to be the biggest and meanest but to live my life, enjoy it and keep fit in the process.

TSB : 1 top tip to live by?

LP : It’s good to dream but don’t be unrealistic. Set yourself realistic doable targets. Also I found myself constantly saying to people.... if you don’t want a trainer find someone to go with who shares common interests and you can motivate and push each other. The other thing is make sure you find a gym you are comfortable in and the most important tip to live by is NEVER be embarrassed to ask for help! We all have to start somewhere.

And Top tip.... YOU should be in control of your diet. Nobody else. You answer to yourself if you forget or can’t be bothered to eat or train. Not your trainer, not your friends or family.

TSB : 2 tips for eating whilst travelling?

LP : Preparation is key. Plan ahead and prepare for worse case scenario. If you have no option then make sure you pick whatever option impacts or hinders you the least. All it does is slow down your progress but Remember it’s not the end of the world and your goal is still achievable. Learn from how you make mistakes or face these challenges and if it’s hindered you try something different for next time.

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More specifically there is always a solution. It may cost you more than you like or be a pain but do what you must. Remember your personal goal. I faced many issues with sourcing food etc when I’m travelling and that’s why I made a short video on it. “Cabin crew food on the go “ and this can relate to anyone travelling in any industry.

TSB: 3 tips for motivation?

LP: Keep changing your diet plan every 6 months maximum to rejuvenate and breath life back into your eating habits. Get creative with your food. Find alternatives to spice things up. If you’re not happy after a period of time with your results, Speak up to your trainer or yourself and make the necessary changes, change course, sometimes it’s the tiniest details you change that can make the biggest difference.

Make sure you find what works for you and your body. I train early mornings to ‘get things done’ by a certain time so I have the rest of my day. This massively motivates me but others may like evenings.

TSB : The Biggest fitness myth?

LP : The biggest fitness myth I come across is sadly referring mostly to females. I’m not trying to be sexist here be assured I’m just giving my opinion on what I hear all the time. It can be assumed that by touching weights and training hard that they believe they will become ‘The Hulk’ all of a sudden as if by over night or that it’s inevitable.

This is definitely not true. Women and men should definitely in my opinion be comfortable training with weights and pushing boundaries just the same and make sure it’s tailored to your goals. A large proportion of toning up can come from weight training coupled with the right diet.

TSB : Pat Butcher or Dot Cotton?

LP : Pat butcher! Who could resist those big dangly Christmas ornaments hanging from her dainty ear lobes.

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