Premier League Preview - The VAR mention edition.

Premier League Preview - The VAR mention edition.

Football : The Premier League is back… already. We preview Week 1 (VAR in Week 2)

So anyone that enjoyed the serenity of a Summer without a Euro, or a World Cup instead had the relatively quiet joy of watching England win the Cricket World Cup, in the most dramatic circumstances.

england cricket world cup

But now the most dramatic athletes of all are coming back to our screens, and this time you can watch their diving and screaming in slow motion, courtesy of VAR! What a season it is going to be. I’m going to make sure the SEO is hot on this one… VAR is going to be a very common topic. You heard it here first, VAR will be noisy this season.

Not going to go through match by match, that would be pointless until the transfer window is closed, and all the unfit players who have missed pre-season can’t play in the first 3 matches. After that there is an international break when they go and get injured as well so probably not worth doing match by match previews until after Christmas when they are all shot to bits.

In general….

Man City signed a decent midfielder then haven’t made much noise since. They will miss Sane as a squad player, as he would be most clubs 1st choice left sided attacker. They are still the best team and have no major problems.

Liverpool have kept everyone, which is what they wanted, and are in a good place. HOWEVER they may have an issue with all the matches they play including World Club Cup, so this may well have a role to play, particularly if either of the first choice full backs get injured for any period of time.

Chelsea have Frank in place, and he has a free hit of a season. Can blame transfer ban for all problems, can introduce some youth, and will get lots of leeway,.

Spurs still frustrate in the recruitment stakes. They do however have a decent crop of youth players who will take some cup matches and thus enable others to rest. Look out for Troy Parrot, and Skipp should get a lot more games, with Wanyama heading off shortly.

Troy Parrott Spurs Premier LEague.jpg

Arsenal have decided to outscore the opposition this year and have not yet addressed there statuesque defence… and their Captain is on strike. Big signing has got them excited, but they will have to tighten up at the back. Midfield has also lost a touch of class in Ramsey, although he wasn’t exactly an ever present.

Man U - random right back buy which I think was the least of their problems. Will wait and see what others he tries to get but doesn’t feel very cohesive. They could do worse than someone like Drinkwater to just do some running around in the middle.

Everton - some good buys so far and looks like more to come. They are definelty going to be a problem for some of the above this year.

Wolves - didn’t strengthen as much as many would have thought but it ain’t over yet…. an ambitious bid for Bale could still come out of left field. They have the money for it, so don’t laugh!


Well it will be the same old stuff sadly. Can anyone emerge into a Wolves like position? Unlikely and will only be down to money.

The main attraction for these guys will be picking up results away from home thanks to VAR decisions that otherwise would have been missed/ignored. For years Man U have gotten away with murder at Old Trafford, at least now we hope the truth will out. Sad thing is that as we have already seen in pre-season, Man U players will dive to get a penalty against the lowest of opposition.

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