Quickfire Q and A with - Francesca Altoft - Photographer

Quickfire Q and A with - Francesca Altoft - Photographer

Horse Racing : We sent a few quick questions to our favourite racing snapper, Francesca Altoft. She was kind enough to answer.

You can see Francesca’s work at www.francescaaltoft.co.uk and keep up with her on Twitter HERE.

First off, why racing?

I love horses and racing before I love photography, so it was a fairly easy choice for me. It's pretty much my dream job and I still pinch myself every day!

If you could shoot (camera variety) one person or animal (or both) living or dead?

I'd love to be able to take photos of Lewis Hamilton and call it work - I took my camera to Silverstone this year and loved it but it was only for a day out. I've always said F1 would be the one sport to take me away from horse racing if I ever got the opportunity.

lewis hamilton francesca altoft

Tell us the best bit about your day to day life?

Without doubt the people I get to meet along the way! I meet a huge variety of people from all walks of life and I'm very lucky that my job has given me friends for life all around the world!

And the worst?

Dealing with bad weather! I'm not a fan of rain or cold!

What one initiative would you like to see brought into racing?

I would love to see someone do something to attract long term racing fans, rather than just one time racegoers. While concerts etc are great, I don't think they encourage people to come back racing time and time again. Someone needs to use the stars of the show, the horses and jockeys, as the selling point of the sport. Partnerships like Frankie and Enable have so much potential to draw fans for life into racing.

Apart from The Sporting Blog, what is one website or digital spot you go to every day?

I spend half my life on the Racing Post keeping an eye on entries and results!

oisin murphy Roaring Lion.JPG

Favourite racing memory?

Roaring Lion and Oisin Murphy winning the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes on Champions Day 2018. The Lion is my favourite horse and Oisin my favourite jockey and I think I cried a fair amount. It was one of those occasions where I don't know how I managed to take any photos!

Ambitions for the next few years?

I'd like to try and win Horserace Writers and Photographers Association Photographer of the Year!

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