About The Sporting Blog

The Sporting Blog is a sports blog for followers of all sports and games to read and watch interesting stuff. 

We promise not to ask the same questions as everyone else, and we also promise to try and cover every sport out there. We're aiming for all of them.

If we are not giving enough attention to a sport or game you think we should be, please let us know and we'll get on it. 

You can find us in all the same places that you hang out online (steady).

 Business Opportunities

If you have a product or service that our followers might be interested in, please contact hello@thesporting.blog to see whether we can work together. The Sporting Blog team are interested in all sorts of ideas from equipment, to services, to ticketing to coaching. Just drop us a line if you have any ideas.

We're interested in promoted posts, PR, event launches and so on... if it's to do with sport (any sport), it's to do with us. 

If you have a Youtube channel, blog or website you would like to feature please get in touch! Our own YouTube channel is pretty empty at the moment but we will be coming in hot with videos soon.


If you want to send us stuff to review... send to The Sporting Blog, 30 Bath Road, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 1PX