Why not? - Mountain Biking

Why not? - Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking : What you need to know

We live in a world where you can do pretty much anything with so many sports, hobbies, and things to try. Sometimes, people try these out of curiosity, some want to have some fun and others it’s getting that dream body or just to keep active.

There are a few reasons why you should give mountain biking a shot;

Photo credit  H-Collins

Photo credit H-Collins

Fitness, Health.. Mixed With a Little Adrenaline.

Don't get me wrong, I am no fitness guru but riding is a great method to take your fitness to another level without spending countless hours looking at a gym wall. The up-hills are grim but the view from the top and the rapid descent is always worth it. With the variety of bikes that are now available it’s also a great way for to take an adventure to the next level without ruining your joints. Riding a mountain bike trail is also, always a sure fire way to stimulate some adrenaline with courses offering jumps, rocks, turns and flat out sections!

Adventure, Nature and the Great Outdoors.

Riding around a mountain or in the local woods has become an ever accessible way of getting your adventure fix, you can pick up a bike for £300, pop a helmet on and you are away. Where a grueling mountain walk would take you a day you can cover the same distance in a matter of hours. Coming from a mountain biker i'm not one for over appreciating nature but when you climb up through the clouds and are met with glorious sunshine you can't help but take a moment to let it all sink in.

Lifestyle...and Beer.

The extreme sports lifestyle is plastered all over social media with the beautiful places and crazy stunts. mountain biking is no different, the social element is like no other with like minded people comes friends, good times and more importantly a cold beer afterwards.

Where There is Will there is Racing.

There are always people out there who are driven to the competitive peripheral of any sport and mountain biking is no different. It’s a sport where competition is widely accessible to all ages and skill level. Be it hurtling down a downhill track for a couple of minutes, going shoulder to shoulder on a four cross race or a grinding hour a 24 hour endurance race. Racers see mountain biking as a way to push their limits of both body and mind.

Things you need:

Now  if you’ve not already been persuaded, here are the basics of what you will need for your first steps into mountain biking.


Mountain Bikes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, you can even get electric ones.. Buying the right bike for your needs is always a great start to getting the most out of your riding. Taking a few simple measurements or going to a popular retailer and trying some out, the best bikes to start out on are Hardtails (front suspension only). They offer an all-round package that you can develop skills and techniques and you can take pretty much anywhere.

Courtesy of Matt Delmore photography

Courtesy of Matt Delmore photography


Mountain biking is an excellent sport but can be very dangerous, trees don’t move thats for sure! Getting a helmet that fits well and provides appropriate protection is key.

Puncture Repair / Spare inner tube.

This is the first thing that is likely to break when you go out on your bike. The inner tube is found in the tyre and keeps it all inflated. Having a spare means you can switch it out with ease, alternatively you can repair it but they are sometimes not quite reliable! Inner tubes are cheap and a great way of keeping your mountain biking experience rolling!

Aside from your bike and a kit, you have to prepare yourself, mountain biking can quickly go from a walk in the park to a pinball rock garden. You should always check where you are riding and if you haven't ridden a decent before always make sure you can see what's round a corner.. If you cant your going too fast!  

My Mountain Biking Must - Haves.

Helmet - Always wear a helmet, it’s worth the investment as what's upstairs is precious indeed.

Chamois - As much as i’m against lycra, a Chamois saves your backside when you have been in the saddle all day. A cheap way of enjoying your day even more.

Gloves and Shoes - You are connected to your bike in four places having the best grip helps reduce the chance of crashing which can be painful indeed!

Waterproofs - When you wake up and it’s raining outside a good jacket is more than a reason to go and experience riding in the mud.

Nutrition and Hydration - Often neglected by the worlds best, making sure you eat well before going for a ride makes getting to the top that extra bit easier.

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